Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Here's how long you have left to spend your old £10 notes

Here's how long you have left to spend your old £10 notes

As of October 3, 55pc of £10 notes in circulation were polymer.

The old-style £10 notes must be spent by March 1 2018, the Bank of England have confirmed.

The new plastic bank notes - featuring author Jane Austen - became legal tender on September 14 this year.

A portrait of Austen is on the back of the polymer note, accompanied by a line from her best-known work, Pride and Prejudice: "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!"

After the introduction of the jazzy new plastic tenner, the Bank of England has revealed the date the old, paper version will stop being legal tender. New five (you can see the portrait of Winston Churchill on it) is the new variation of the banknote, also shows the higher level of durability, it is also cleaner than old-fashioned paper notes.

The old style £5 notes went out of circulation in May, while the old round £1 coin is also no longer legal tender.

Old notes can still be spent ahead of this date and you can exchange them at the Bank once this point has passed.

The new £10 and £5 notes have encountered controversy because they contain tallow, an animal byproduct.

The central bank has pushed for the adoption of polymer notes, arguing they are more durable than paper notes and are harder to counterfeit.

The new tenner is the first Bank of England note with a tactile feature to help blind and partially-sighted users.

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