Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Judge In Meek Mill Case Reportedly Being Investigated By FBI

Judge In Meek Mill Case Reportedly Being Investigated By FBI

I spoke to this man several times when he had to do some time before- REAL SHIT- and just like I told him before, "sometimes people do shit to you just to make you feel like you are NOT special but in turn they end up treating you worse than everybody else".

Colin Kaepernick is among those speaking out in support of rapper Meek Mill after his two-to-four year prison sentence for violating parole. "I truly believe that such a sentence would destroy his future".

From the videos making rounds on social media, the fans were also joined by top celebrities like the rapper's boss, Rick Ross, and basketball legend Julius "Dr. J". They also carried posters inscribed with heartfelt words like, "Our criminal justice system has failed Meek Mill and millions of others like him".

Many in the crowd chanted "Free Meek Mill" and sang the rapper's "Dreams and Nightmares" intro the rally, which was planned to begin in front of Philadelphia's Criminal Justice Center at 5 p.m.

Fellow proud Philadelphians, The Roots star Black Thought and funnyman Kevin Hart, also commented on the rally via Twitter.

Last week, a petition asking Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolfe to reevaluate his sentencing was started and rappers including Jay-Z criticized the sentence as well, calling it "unjust and heavy handed".

The letter, obtained by Sports Illustrated's The Crossover, includes Rubin's impassioned plea to Judge Genece E. Brinkley before Mill's sentencing. "I want y'all to understand that, if it takes Meek Mill to draw this attention, then we're gonna use Meek Mill to draw this attention, and it's gonna speak for so many others".

Those rallying say Judge Brinkley showed "extreme bias" during the rapper's case.

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