Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Justice League Cast Hits the Red Carpet in Premiere Live Stream Video

Justice League Cast Hits the Red Carpet in Premiere Live Stream Video

Judging by the 280-character reviews provided on Twitter by the fortunate fans and critics who were lucky enough to catch the early screening of Justice League, the general consensus is that the film not flawless but is still plenty of fun with the banter between the superheroes finding a lot of fans. And because this is a group of attractive, superpowered people fighting to save the world, there will inevitably be some sexual tension between the men of the team and the lone female member.

It's safe to say that Ben Affleck's tenure as Batman has been a hard one.

Ben Affleck recently joined the cast of "Justice League" on the red carpet, promoting his second major turn as Bruce Wayne/Batman after "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". That's yet to be seen. The clip, which has been split across two tweets, will likely be pulled by Warner the coming hours (if it hasn't already), so be sure to have a peek while you still can.

The movie is a few days away, but fans can get a feel of the film's tone by listening to the score for the movie ahead of its official premiere. And while the changes could have easily led to a hot mess of a movie, it luckily hasn't.

Yet that tune has changed at least somewhat as Justice League ever nears its November 17 release date. No, it's not Mother Boxes or Superman's mustache - it's a possible budding relationship between Batman and Wonder Woman, Affleck revealed.

The actor, who plays Batman in the all-star blockbuster, has caused surprise by saying he and Wonder Woman will have "sexual tension".

This is not a huge surprise, considering Batman and Superman's seductive introduction of Diana, and the somewhat clunky inclusion of Bruce Wayne in Wonder Woman. But in new photos from the set of Justice League, their garb is substantially... less than there was before.

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