Published: Вт, Ноября 14, 2017
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Nag Gets Emotional on Fire Accident at Annapurna

Nag Gets Emotional on Fire Accident at Annapurna

Four fire tenders - two from Film Nagar fire station and one each from Sanatnagar and Secunderabad-were rushed to the sprawling studio to bring down the fire, which reportedly erupted around 6:00 pm. Way back in 2011 and 2013 also, there were fire accidents at Annapurna Studios due to short circuits.

A film set was gutted in a fire that broke out at Annapurna Film Studios here on Monday evening, police said. "Though the flames were very high, the blaze was completely extinguished within two hours", Hyderabad Assistant District Fire Officer Y Prabhakar Reddy said.

Fire breakdown was happened at Nagarjuna's Annapurna Studios. The sets were said to be empty when the incident took place, the Times of India reported. The fire officials said no casualties were reported. The exact reason for the mishap is unknown. The handsome house set that was erected for Manam movie has been used for various other movies. There was only physical damage to the sets.

Annapurna Studios is one of the popular studios in Hyderabad and it has been owned by the Akkineni family. Apart from producing and distributing films, it also provides other facilities that vary from editing, dubbing, outdoor sets, sets construction.

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