Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Stalker sets Chennai woman, mother & sister on fire; woman dies

Stalker sets Chennai woman, mother & sister on fire; woman dies

Police said they detained the suspect, 23-year-old Akash, who was pursuing Induja against her wishes for almost a month. Her mother and sister sustained burn injuries when they tried to save her.

Indhuja succumbed to the injuries while her mother and sister were admitted to hospital in critical condition after they suffered fatal burns.

According to the Newspaper, .

S Induja, was set on fire at the doorstep of her home in the city's Adambakkam area. On hearing the cries of the victim, her neighbours rushed to help the family and rushed them to the hospital.

The accused who escaped from the scene after receiving a few blows was reportedly picked up police on Tuesday.

In a shocking incident, a Chennai girl was burnt alive by her ex-classmate who claimed to love her. This is when, the police say, the accused threw petrol on the victim and used a lighter to set her on fire. As per the witnesses present at the spot, the hospital ambulance took nearly 40 minutes to reach the residence after receiving a call from a neighbour.

The victim's uncle, who spoke to the media, said that Akash knew about Induja's father was working overseas and therefore was not at home, which is why he came to the house.

While talking to the media, the victim's uncle said that Akash was stalking Induja for a month.

"Initially, they didn't open the door, but Akash insisted that he would only to talk to Induja". He forced the girl and her family members to open the door by threatening them of committing suicide by setting himself on fire.

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