Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
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US Consumers Prefer Stores to Online Shopping for the Holidays

US Consumers Prefer Stores to Online Shopping for the Holidays

Unless you find an absurdly good deal, we suggest waiting to allow all the major retailers to release their Black Friday ads.

"We have been busy preparing for the Black Friday period for many months now, ensuring our digital channels, stores and distribution centres are all geared up in anticipation for high levels of demand for what we expect to be fantastic deals across must-have products".

According to a release from the BBB, the end of Thanksgiving traditionally represented the beginning of the holiday shopping season, however, some retailers no longer wait to break out their Black Friday specials. With prices this good it'll be hard to resist.

You'll be able to find all of Argos' Black Friday offers on this link here, starting November 15th.

Each year, shoppers hit the stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday to get some bargains. Be alert to bait-and-switch ads that are created to bring you in but push you toward more expensive items, final sales or deals that end before the day is done.

How about a gaming system to go with that new TV? On Black Friday itself, they will be joined by hundreds of head office workers helping out on the shop floor. A participant in the Amazon Associates affiliate program, links provided by Black Friday Dealer to enable them to earn income. Just make sure it's the real business and not a scammer. That can mean the only way to benefit from the discount is if you are at the front of the lineup outside the store. This is also important to keep in mind in the event you find a better deal on the same or similar merchandise later in the season. Do an online search to see what others have said and experienced about the site.

And don't fret if you spend the entire Thanksgiving weekend hanging out with your family instead of shopping.

Three of the Amazon Black Friday 2017 make the cut.

Of those shopping, 66 percent said they're doing so to take advantage of deals and promotions retailers will offer, while 26 percent cited the tradition of shopping over Thanksgiving weekend and 23 percent said it's something to do over the holiday weekend.

The Amazon Black Friday 2017 deals do not list by far all individual deals.

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