Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
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Weird Incident: Plane Hits Wild Boar on Runway in India

Weird Incident: Plane Hits Wild Boar on Runway in India

"At no point, safety of the passengers was compromised", said Indigo.

"Adhering to the standard operating procedures (SOPs), the captain immediately reported the matter to indigo-flight-hits-wild-boar-vizag (ATC) of Vizag and chose to hold over at Vishakhapatnam", a statement by Indigo said. The Indigo flight was due to takeoff at 10 pm when it hit a wild boar on the runway, damaging the rear wheel and killing the animal. The TOI report mentions that they flight could not touch down immediately, as the rear wheel was not getting retracted. Hence, the pilots flew the plane over the sea for 45 minutes to burn fuel and then landed at the Vizag airport. In the panic that followed, the pilot informed the Air Traffic Controller and took to the air nevertheless to avoid a fire since the tank was full. "After all the required inspections undertaken by the engineering team, the flight safely took off again", the statement said. It reached Hyderabad at 2:15 am.

The officials of the Visakhapatnam International Airport (VIA) sought the help of the district administration to track down a wild boar, which hit an Indigo flight during take-off on Sunday night.

The pilot made a safe landing back at the Vizag airport after about 45 minutes to get the aircraft inspected. "As per the standard operating procedures, the captain immediately reported the matter to the Air Traffic Control and chose to hold over Vizag", the airline said in the statement. "If a wild boar could sneak into the runway, even a terrorist also could gain entry under the cover of darkness", he said and sought immediate clearing of bushes.

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