Published: Wed, November 15, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Apple Watch saves kitesurfer from shark encounter, Tim Cook reacts with 'wow'

Apple Watch saves kitesurfer from shark encounter, Tim Cook reacts with 'wow'

But wireless carriers may have underestimated demand and the LTE-capable model could prove more popular in coming quarters, Canalys analyst Jason Low said.

After a short disruption by Xiaomi, Apple Inc. Huawei nabbed a fourth-place spot with 6 percent of the total wearable shipments, while Samsung held steady at 5 percent. The U.S. tech giant shipped 3.9 million units of wearables in the third quarter of 2017.

Apple is once again the biggest selling producer of wearables after its third-generation Apple Watch, released in September, helped it pip China's Xiaomi to the post.

According to research firm Canalys, the US firm shipped 3.9 million Apple Watch units in the third-quarter, the strongest ever for Apple. It also gave Apple 23 percent of the market, putting it fractionally ahead of the 21 percent for Xiaomi, the Chinese firm that was briefly top of the industry for the first time in the previous quarter.

Apple's smartwatch ads are full of feel-good stories about how the wearable changes people's lives for the better, mainly on the physical activity side of the everyday spectrum, but this next story is something else, and forced even Tim Cook to react. He said that watch sales increased by 50 percent for the third consecutive quarter as people are more inclined toward health services. In most of the markets, only the Wi-Fi version of the Watch Series 3 is available.

During Apple's latest financial conference call, Apple's CEO highlighted the Apple Watch in his opening statement. "Strong demand for the LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 has dispelled service providers' doubts about the cellular smartwatch not appealing to customers", Low noted in a report on third quarter shipments.

In China, the Apple Watch LTE access is now disabled by the government.

With holiday sales starting soon, the year 2017 is expected to be record-breaking for Apple's wearable division. Year to date, the stock is up over 49%, while in the last one-month, it is up over 10%.

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