Published: Wed, November 15, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Military coup rumours in Zimbabwe after broadcaster seized

Military coup rumours in Zimbabwe after broadcaster seized

Mugabe went as far as attacking or killing some of the opposition party, this led to an outburst from his public supporters which led to bloodshed in the country again. She's been nicknamed "Gucci Grace" for her exorbitant shopping sprees overseas, trips which stand in stark contrast to the lives of those hit hard by the country's massive inflation and debt burdens.

The former vice president and freedom fighter in the country's liberation wars has since gone into hiding and his whereabouts are unknown.

State media did not cover the press conference at first, but was re-airing it on ZBC in the early hours of Wednesday, a sign that the military may have taken control of the station.

ZANU-PF said Chiwenga's stance was "clearly calculated to disturb national peace. and suggests treasonable conduct on his part as this was meant to incite insurrection".

"I can only tell you that his visit to China this time was a normal military exchange mutually agreed upon by China and Zimbabwe", Geng said, referring other questions to the Defence Ministry, which has yet to respond to a request for comment.

The UK has issued a warning for its citizens in the country to stay indoors amid reports of "unusual military activity".

In the wake of the military takeover in Zimbabwe, the national police force has recalled all officers on leave.

"It is our country and future at stake and we will not let any individual military man interfere with the leader of the party and legitimately voted president of this country", he told reporters on Tuesday.

"One hopes that Zimbabwe itself does not descend into martial law", he said. Grace split with her own husband, and her wedding to the president in 1996 was attended by Nelson Mandela and other African leaders.

Reports emerged on 15 November 2017 that Mugabe had been seized and placed under house arrest by the Zimbabwean military.

The tactic has been effective. There has never been an attempted coup. The firing of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, analysts say, moves her closer to her goal.

"The government's silence on the military deployments seem to confirm that President Mugabe has lost control of the situation", Robert Besseling, of the London-based EXX Africa risk consultancy, said. More than 100 senior officials allegedly supportive of Mnangagwa were listed for disciplinary measures by a faction associated with Grace Mugabe.

Speaking to the BBC, the leader of the Zanu-PF youth wing, Kudzai Chipanga, said his members would not allow the armed forces to subvert the constitution and were prepared to die to defend the president.

"Usually, the police support unit quickly rushes onto the streets and it was feared they would mobilise the youths and give them guns so they could fight back, but the military boxed them deep in the night and took over all strategic points there", a witness said.

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