Published: Thu, November 16, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Google is rolling out new design and features for Google Maps

Google is rolling out new design and features for Google Maps

Places such as café, museum, hospital, or places of worship will have a designated colour and icon, so you can quickly find what you are looking for at just a glance.

Also, Maps has been updated to sync coherently with Google Calendar and your mail. Over the years, the team at Google has improved on various aspects of the mapping service, adding features such as offline maps and real-time location sharing. Google will only show you gas stations if you are navigating, and train stations for transit; why would you need to know where the nearest petrol station is when you are sitting in the LRT?

The redesigned Google Maps will feature one-tap access to popular features, a new color scheme, and other tweaks.

Google Map is getting an updated new look soon, with the addition of new features. It's a pretty useful change, considering previously, Maps would be filled with identical blue-colored icons for stores, cafes, and doctor's offices. Like, the food and drink-related places will have an orange colour icon and outdoor-related POIs will have a green icon and so on. You might want to print it out, cut it out, memorize it, and swallow it.

This new look was announced on Google's Blog in which they've made a bunch of changes to various aspects of Google Maps, such to the driving mode, navigation, transit, and have also given it a new coat of paint that makes it look slightly brighter and cleaner.

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