Published: Fri, November 17, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Average Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Decreases

Average Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Decreases

But if you're hitting the road, expect to pay more to fill up your tank.

"Even as America's family farmers and ranchers continue to face economic challenges, they remain committed to providing a safe, abundant and affordable food supply for consumers at Thanksgiving and throughout the year".

AAA says drivers will pay the highest Thanksgiving weekend gas prices since 2014, and auto rental rates will hit a 5-year holiday high at $70 dollars a day.

This is the lowest Thanksgiving food prices have been in 5 years.

Newton: Wholesale turkey prices are at their lowest level since 2013, and given that the turkey represents almost 50 percent of the basket's total, it's the biggest factor driving the price decline.

Milk and sweet potatoes are also less than in 20-16.

The total includes all the fixin's like rolls, pumpkin pie, and of course cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving Day dinner will cost less this year than in 2016, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation's 32nd annual price survey of items found on the typical dinner table. "When you adjust for inflation it's cheaper than it was 30 years ago when we first started this survey", said John Newton of the American Farm Bureau Federation. Keep in mind that if you plan on dining out this Thanksgiving, most restaurants will require a reservation in advance.

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