Published: Fri, November 17, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Vive Tracker Now Available To Consumers At $99

Vive Tracker Now Available To Consumers At $99

They are also offering up some Tracker/accessory/game bundles as well, which will become available next month.

A motion tracker built for HTC Vive - and previously only open to developers- is something consumers now get to play with too - the Vive Tracker.

Starting today, the Vive Tracker is available in bundles for $149.99 to consumers. For those unfamiliar with the Vive Tracker, it's a piece of hardware which allows the user to augment their VR experience by attaching the tracker to other hardware for motion tracking.

The device previously launched at CES last January, letting game developers link their peripherals into VR games for HTC Vive. Currently, all three packages will launch sometime in mid-December with pre-ordering now available.

The first of these is likely to capture the interest of gaming giant Nintendo, and not in any positive way: The Hyperkin Hyper Blaster aims to provide a rebirth of the classic light-gun gaming genre which all-but died out when the cathode ray tube (CRT) displays on which the technology relied were phased out, and to do so it has opted for a pistol design which owes more than a nod to Nintendo's classic NES Zapper. HTC has confirmed that the Hyper Blaster will be sold exclusively by Amazon for $149.99.

Hyper Blaster a HTC Vive add-on is bundled with the new Vive
Hyper Blaster a HTC Vive add-on is bundled with the new Vive

The association is intentional, judging from the device's colors and the fact that it's sold with a horror game like "Duck Season" that's clearly riffing on Nintendo's 1984 game.

Unique to Duck Season, the Blaster is virtually represented within the game world. The now available bundles are the Hyper Blaster and Racket Sports Set. The tracker screws onto the barrel of the gun, with a row of gold connector pins allowing signals from the gun to reach the tracker with no discernible lag.

The second accessory bundle is called the Racket Sports Set, which comes with the Vive Tracker as well, and includes a set of handles made to feel like paddles and rackets for games like Tennis and Ping Pong. However, HTC is committed to adding at least five more games by the end of December with another 10 coming early next year.

Aside from both the Hyper Blaster and the Racket Sports Set, players will be able to get their hands on a full body tracker in the form of a Rebuff Reality TrackStrap. A pair of TrackStraps is available now for $24.99 via and includes a pack-in redemption code for Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing on Steam, inspired by Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and Audioshield.

The device can also track body movement and connect wirelessly to the Vive ecosystem.

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