Published: Sat, November 18, 2017
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Finally Home: National Adoption Day in CT

Finally Home: National Adoption Day in CT

"You have to go in with the mentality that this is about the children and all the love and attention and everything else they need", said adoptive mom, Lupe Johnson.

Sierra, 13, Brianna, 12, and Ashley, 11, spent more than two years with the Gorby family and all agreed they wanted to make the arrangement permanent.

Adoption isn't for every family, and that is OK. "For me, it's heart-wrenching to think they don't have a permanent place to call home". Many of these young people are less likely to be adopted, often due to their age, and will too often age out of the system without a stable support system.

Over a dozen children out of the foster care program in Lafayette were able to find a permenant home.

After four adoption court dates over the last decade, they have their favorite celebration restaurants and backups to their preferred restaurants - just in case the wait is too long for the family of 10 children, six of them adopted.

The bond between parent and child doesn't end at the age of 18 or when a young adult begins living on their own.

The event highlighted the combined efforts of the Essex County Juvenile Court, Essex County Family and Probate Court, the Department of Children and Families, the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange and a variety of advocates and generous partners, noted Juvenile Court Judge Mark Newman. From making a decision about higher education, to interviewing for a first job, to buying a vehicle, parents continually offer support and help their kids succeed. On behalf of all previous, current and future adoptive children, I thank you. Foster shared with consternation in her voice. I don't have the ability to clear my mind each night of the images I've seen during the work day. The gallery showcases remarkable professional portraits of and stories about foster children in IN - all of whom long for loving and safe homes.

"With nine kids, I can understand why people do a double take on our family", admits Jason Cook. "But to my husband and me, our family grew very naturally. We couldn't imagine our children growing up anywhere but in the safety, security, and love of our home". RaiseAChild is a national 501 (c) 3 public benefit organization dedicated to building loving families for foster children®. We will answer all of your questions about the process, including all of the benefits of becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

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