Published: Sat, November 18, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

High school science teacher arrested for improper sexual relationship with student

High school science teacher arrested for improper sexual relationship with student

A 22-year-old teacher in the USA state of Oklahoma was arrested on Wednesday (15 November) for allegedly sending nude pictures and having sex with an underage student.

In anticipation of her debut as a high school chemistry teacher, Day told the news outlet she was nervous that students would not take her seriously because of her youth.

The sheriff's deputies in Canadian County, Oklahoma, arrested a Yukon High School teacher Wednesday for an alleged improper sexual relationship with a teenage student. Day fully cooperated, and admitted to having an illegal sexual relationship with the boy.

Investigators say Day and the boy had also arranged a meeting on the day of the arrest.

Authorities said they investigated the relationship after being notified by the boy's parents and finding explicit pictures and messages on his phone.

"This is a classic case of a serious breach of public trust", Canadian County Sheriff Chris West told reporters at a news conference this week, according to local news station KWTV.

On the day of Day's arrest, the sheriff's department said that science teacher and the teen had planned to meet at her house.

Investigators said when they arrived at Day's home, they sent a text message to Day from the boy's cell phone, and said "I'm here".

Day is reported to have had sex with the teenager
CANADIAN COUNTY POLICE ACCUSED Day is reported to have had sex with the teenager

When investigators entered the home, Day was sitting on the floor of her living room with candles lit and all of the lights off. When confronted they say she admitted to sending "bra and panty" pics of herself, and admitted that she had received photos of the boy's genitals.

In a statement on Twitter, Yukon Public Schools called Day's actions "a very poor decision" and said that none of the school's "security checks revealed anything that would have alerted the district to the possibility of this event".

The woman's husband is also her colleague at Yukon High School, where he coaches football.

The Yukon Schools superintendent declined to comment on the case as it is part of an investigation.

“Im here, ” cops texted an unsuspecting Day from the boys phone, according to News 9.

Day was booked into the Canadian County Jail.

"I'm no longer surprised by the people who commit these crimes, because predators come from all walks of life", West said.

A Yukon, Oklahoma high school teacher has been arrested for second-degree rape and child porn after being accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with an underage boy, officials said. Day, who is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University, said she always wanted to go to medical school, but had a change of heart a couple of months prior and made a decision to try her hand at teaching. It is unclear is she has a lawyer at this time.

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