Published: Tue, November 21, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Government MPs criticise the PM for cancelling Parliament

Government MPs criticise the PM for cancelling Parliament

He said the government has come up with the decision that it would rather deal particularly with marriage equality and with dual citizenship before Christmas.

Bishop denied it made the prime minister appear soft or weak.

"Parliament will sit. We will form Parliament, we'll appoint a speaker, and we will proceed", Katter said.

Parliament was scheduled to resume next Monday but Mr Turnbull today put that off for a week to ensure the same-sex marriage legislation gets through the Senate.

And his deputy Tanya Plibersek said: "This is the sort of thing that happens in a dictatorship, when Parliament becomes inconvenient the Government suspends democracy".

"One of the reasons why Mr Turnbull has cancelled Parliament next week is because he knows that a banking royal commission is inevitable, and he will do everything he can do to protect his mates at the top end of town", Mr Shorten told reporters.

"Marriage equality is very important and Labor's up for voting that in a speedy fashion, but there is plenty of other business which the Parliament needs to do".

"Turnbull's just cancelling Parliament because he's having a hard day at the office".

The delay also pushes back the date for lower house MPs to reveal their citizenship status by 8pm on December 5, meaning the government has broken a deal with Labor to have the disclosures done by December 1.

"Some of his own Coalition backbenchers have now given up trying to defend the indefensible and they want to vote for it", he said.

They have warned they want to pile protections of freedom of religion and speech and parental control of education in addition to the changes to the Marriage Act. "If you can't run the Parliament, you can't run the country".

He described the move by Turnbull as "outrageous".

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has urged Queensland voters to turn against Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in Saturday's state election, describing it as a "lazy, do nothing green left government" which has lead to higher power prices and threatened the future of the state's $50 billion coal industry.

"And, in fact, I raised this with Bill Shorten quite some time ago, when we met to discuss the resolution of the citizenship issue following the High Court's decision", he said.

He has added that rather than cancelling a week, members could be kept in Canberra until same-sex marriage and the ongoing citizenship saga are resolved. We've had a massive "yes" vote, 62 per cent voted "yes", 80 pe cent participation rate.

"If the only reason for going was for the objective of a media conference, then we wouldn't do it". The Lower House was supposed to sit for two weeks from Monday.

"The constitution is for the court to interpret and no one else, so we will accept the decision and we will now resolve it with a fully transparent and accountable process", he said.

"What we will experience in the House of Representatives, I can assure you, is going to be a long arduous debate, and what the Prime Minister has said is that we will sit until the debate has concluded".

"So that's what it's about, it is about management, it's about common sense, its delivering on our commitments to the Australian people".

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