Published: Tue, November 21, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Tyronn Lue is exhausted of hearing questions about LeBron James's minutes

Tyronn Lue is exhausted of hearing questions about LeBron James's minutes

In a win on Friday, LeBron played 46 minutes, so reporters wanted to know if this was a way to get the superstar some more rest.

With the team out to a slow start, Lue probably felt it necessary to ride James, but he doesn't seem to be changing that any time soon. "I played with Michael Jordan when he was 39 he played 37 minutes a night".

James, who turns 33 next month, came into the night leading the National Basketball Association in both total minutes played as well as minutes played per game. He was 39. He played 37 minutes a night.

After scoring 18 points and adding eight assists with zero turnovers (the first time all season he didn't cough one up, as he has been averaging a career-high 4.7 turnovers per game) before checking out for good with 1:43 remaining in the third quarter and the Cavs up by 37 points, James backed off his stance about his minutes needing monitoring. "Everybody's built different. If you're one of the greats, sometimes you've got to play, sometimes you get rest like tonight". It's not a huge issue. While those aren't necessarily the NBA's elite, fours wins is four wins, and the Cavaliers will certainly take it as they try to get back on track.

When James was asked about it, he downplayed the issue with his minutes as something that isn't a big deal.

Lue and James are clearly exhausted of talking about this. "Not just me. Everybody". That doesn't mean they aren't concerned about it, or that it's not something they pay attention to, but it is obviously a subject they have exhausted discussing.

This is what made games like Monday so important for Cleveland, as James, Kevin Love and other key players could get some much-needed rest.

But James has already passed Jordan in regular-season minutes, and needs just three to pass Shaquille O'Neal (41,918 minutes) for 24th in National Basketball Association history. That will happen eventually and everybody will have forgotten about his insane minutes load by January, but it's a story worth paying attention to right now.

Even Cavs rival Draymond Green of the Warriors said last week he thought James was playing too many minutes - he's now played seven of 17 games above 40 minutes.

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