Published: Wed, November 22, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Egg Prices Up by 40%; Broilers Cheaper by 25%

Egg Prices Up by 40%; Broilers Cheaper by 25%

Mumbai: In the chicken and egg problem, eggs seem to be losing ground as prices have been steadily rising to a retail rate of Rs 7 per piece.

Egg price has suddenly raised upto 40%, that is single egg costs Rs 7 to Rs 7.50. However, no significant increase has been witnessed in the prices of broiler chicken, as supply has been increased to meet escalating demand. "Eggs are in short supply today due to lower production".

As per the agriculture ministry data cited by the report egg requirement per person in India is 180 per year, while the actual availability is 67.

But the production has gone down in 2017-18 and it is evident from the high cost of the eggs.

Reddy said prices in the state are expected to come down only by December-end or early January, when the demand pressure is expected to ease and supply improved.

This coupled with a general rise in demand for eggs pushed up the prices of eggs. Egg consumption has been egging up nationally as well as in Telangana year-on-year by around 10% due to increasing income levels and also a greater consciousness about boosting protein intake.

According to the Poultry Federation of India (PFI), egg prices will remain high till February, 2018, as consumers are earmarking a larger portion of their stretched food budgets for eggs.

"The poor who can not afford vegetables, which are available at exorbitant prices in retail, are preferring eggs in their diet", poultry farmer Manoj Sharma has been quoted as saying in the report.

Traders also said independent poultry farms have been incurring losses due to subdued prices over three or four years.

The total egg production has increased from 27.33 billion during 2015-16 (rainy) to 29.09 billion during 2016-17 (rainy), registering a growth of 6.42 per cent. However, this year, price rise has higher due to a massive demand-supply mismatch.

An report in the Business Standard on Saturday said the prices of eggs have risen 25 percent in one month in the benchmark Hyderabad market. This has been driven by vegetable prices also.

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