Published: Wed, November 22, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Facebook Now Supports Higher Resolution Images on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Now Supports Higher Resolution Images on Facebook Messenger

Photos uploaded to Facebook Messenger are about to get a much-needed facelift. Whether you're catching up over moments big and small - like a recent vacation, an unbelievable meal at a new restaurant, a new member of the family, or the first snow day of the year - sharing photos of our experiences brings our conversations to life.

As of right now, you can send photos to friends in glorious 4K resolution through the social network's Messenger app, and, if you're a USA resident, just in time to share photos of your Thanksgiving dinner to your cousin overseas with hardly a calorie unaccounted for.

"Facebook" and "high-resolution images" aren't usually phrases that like to be seen in each other's company, but that may no longer be the case as of today. That's what we mean by bringing your conversations to life.

Or on a windowsill in Paris... Just keep in mind that you'll need to update your Messenger app to the latest version. Previously, Messenger compressed very high resolution photos, causing the image quality to degrade. To use the extension, sellers open the extension tray in Messenger, select PayPal, then create a simple invoice by filling in details like item name, description, price and quantity.

We know that every message matters to you, no matter how or what you're sharing.

"We will continue partnering across the ecosystem to help simplify payment experiences and create seamless connections between consumers and merchants wherever commerce might be occurring", PayPal director or product, Shilpa Dhar, wrote in a blog post. The images on the right reflect the new default resolution at 4K.

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