Published: Wed, November 22, 2017
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New Tesla Roadster may be able to FLY, claims Musk

New Tesla Roadster may be able to FLY, claims Musk

Both of these vehicles are extremely exciting, however, the semi truck is what really caught my attention.

Elon Musk never disappoints with his showmanship, as in the case last week when he wowed a crowd, including media, with the Tesla Semi, an electric truck with "badass performance" that could disrupt the US and even worldwide trucking industry.

The firm says the heavy Semi and hybrid refrigerated trailer that Tesla and its boss, Elon Musk, demonstrated "use technology that will be expanded to Loblaw's fleet in the coming years".

That being said, I just have to ask: Is Musk the REAL DEAL when he talks about the Roadster's potential about flying or is he just completely full of sh!t?

Diesel trucks today now require several third-party devices for similar functionality.

Factoring in total operating costs, with diesel trucks spending about $2.50 per gallon along with insurance, maintenance, and lease costs, the diesel truck costs owners about $1.51 per mile to operate versus about $1.26 a mile, Musk said. There is a big difference there, but the Tesla Semi could be competitive for many of those average freight shipments.

New Tesla Roadster may be able to FLY, claims Musk
New Tesla Roadster may be able to FLY, claims Musk

Bloomberg said that an operator could be saving about $4,000 per year in maintenance and $14,000 in fuel when switching over from diesel to electric. Though Tesla has not let out anything specific about the pick-up, we assume it will arrive with the Semi in 2019. However, mass production of solid state batteries Fisker, according to media reports, will not begin until 2023.

The Tesla truck was revealed in a larger, long-haul version and a day cab without a sleeper. And while the bond market is a possible route, it may not be especially welcoming right now.

New customers are responding to the appeal.

"We will see about how they plan on warrantying and servicing the truck, but 1 million miles on the powertrain does seem logical given it is an electric motor, not a combustion chamber", he said.

Another US grocery firm, Meijer, has had links with Tesla since 2010 related to its electric vehicle charging station network and now has five at various premises. Truck leasing and fleet management company Ryder Systems has announced it will also be purchasing Tesla Semis. Corporate attempts to partake in their share of containing climate change and redefining the future of mobility means that heavyweights like Daimler, Bosch, BYD, and Volvo are racing to design and produce trucks that promise lower emissions and higher efficiency.

Medium-duty trucks and delivery vans are also seeing inroads from manufacturers responding to growing market demand.

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