Published: Tue, December 05, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

December security bulletin posted ahead of likely Android 8.1 release tomorrow

December security bulletin posted ahead of likely Android 8.1 release tomorrow

It includes new features, and APIs (API level 27), along with the latest optimizations, bug fixes, and security updates. All OEMs who roll out the December security update to their devices will receive a total of 47 security fixes for the base version of Android. Google notes that its hardware partners were notified of these issues at least a month ago "and may choose to incorporate them as part of their device updates". But Google says there will be two patch levels for this month: 12-1 and 12-5, the latter of which will be the level for all Nexus and Pixel builds.

One of the more high profile vulnerabilities that came out in the past month is KRACK Attacks, which is basically the ability for a hacker to hijack your WiFi connection and get access to your device.

Since the discovery of the KRACK vulnerability, many smartphone makers have released security patches to protect users from attackers.

"Exploitation for many issues on Android is made more hard by enhancements in newer versions of the Android platform".

Android 8.1 isn't a huge update, but it does enable the Pixel Visual Core on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, which is a co-processor that improves the speed of taking HDR photos, as well as making them less of a drain on your phone's battery.

These vulnerabilities are in addition to the bugs listed in Google's December 2017 Android security bulletin. December bulletin shows that a handful of issues have been resolved around several other categories like Kernel components, Broadcom components, MediaTek components, Qualcomm components, and NVIDIA components.

However, Google notes that there are no reports of customers being affected by these security issues.

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