Published: Вт, Декабря 05, 2017
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Monster Hunter World Gets Beta for the Weekend

Monster Hunter World Gets Beta for the Weekend

You can read the full post on the Monster Hunter: World site.

The action roleplaying game (RPG), developed and published by Capcom, is set to begin its beta phase this coming Saturday, Dec. 9 but only on the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Those who have made significant progress in the beta and are anxious about starting over again in the full version need not fret, as the beta will reward them with bonus items that will remain with the full release. The first two missions will be in the Ancient Forest, where beginners can try to hunt down the Great Jagras while more experienced players can look to take down the Anjanath. The download for the beta will go live December 8, with an expected file size of 5.1 GB, but players should allocate at least 5.9 GB for the download. "In the Wildspire Waste, a massive, dry expanse with swamplands, you can face off against the intermediate level mud-slinging Barroth", according to Capcom. Any of these quests can be done solo or with up to three other players online. There will also be 14 different types of weapons to choose from, each offering different play styles and can be switched around during quests and while at camp.

If you happen to be new to the series, the beta will give you access to a training room (a new feature for Monster Hunter). Capcom has also promised a few rewards for completing each quest; players can receive bonus items for use in the full game - just make sure the beta and full game are under the same Sony Network account to redeem them.

Monster Hunter Stories Is Now Out On Smartphone In Japan Along With A Demo Version
Monster Hunter: World Beta Date and Details Announced

Among long time Monster Hunter fans, Monster Hunter: World is kind of a big deal. Most recently, we learned about some PS4 exclusive goodies, apparantly including an exclusive beta that goes live this weekend.

Capcom unexpectedly released Monster Hunter Stories on iOS and Android in Japan and it is now available for 1,900 yen.

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