Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Amazon Prime Video finally comes to Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video finally comes to Apple TV

After downloading the tvOS app, you'll be able to watch Man in the High Castle (above) and other series and films, provided you have a 3rd generation or later Apple TV, according to iTunes.

The Amazon Prime Video App has been available on the iPhone and iPad for some time and it is now available on the Apple TV.

Amazon Prime Video has finally landed on Apple TV, around six months after Tim Cook first said it was coming.

Apple has since hidden the promo but it's clear that it will update the Apple TV to support Amazon Prime Video quite soon, likely this week. It's also important to note that the app comes with support for Apple TV's Universal Search feature, so the TV shows and movies that users searched for will show up on the Apple TV interface.

The app and partnership was originally announced in June during Apple's annual developer conference. It starts on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 8 December and will run for 13 episodes in total, with one added to the streaming platform each subsequent Friday.

The app appeared on the Apple TV App Store early Wednesday morning after Apple accidentally promoted its release for a brief period through the iOS AppStore Tuesday afternoon.

For Apple, it will help to more easily sell its set-top box to the 90 million US -based Amazon Prime subscribers.

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