Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

22-year-old found dead with bullet injury inside auto

Based on the preliminary report and taking into account the circumstances, it appears to be a case of suicide. A country-made pistol was found in the right-hand of Rizwan who had a gunshot wound on his right temple. It has also come to our notice that he regularly visited his female friend's house. "No suicide note was found on the spot", Romil Baaniya, deputy commissioner of police (South), said.

Baaniya said it remained unclear what happened between the time he left his friend's house and when his body was found, or why he had left the bag with the cash at the friend's house.

The next day, the girl, who is now in Bhopal, and her father called separately and asked them to collect the bag. Rizwan's father Sharif Khan said, "If they had kept us in the loop, my son would be alive today". According to the police, the auto was found near the residence of one of his friends in south Delhi.

"He left our (Rizwan) home noon on Monday".

Riyazuddin said despite repeated requests, the friend's family did not disclose where they lived.

Sharif also told HT that they were called by a cousin of Rizwan's friend and her father, who told them over the phone that Rizwan left the bag with the cash and the mobile phone at their residence on Monday afternoon and drove off in his auto. Around 7.15 am, the woman's father called us back and gave us his home address. "As I was inside their house, Nawab noticed Rizwan's auto parked nearby", Rizwan's father Shareef Khan told HT and also described that they found the victim in the unlocked vehicle. "We think he was killed and then the body was kept in the auto afterwards as there were no bloodstains inside", said Shareef Khan, an MTNL employee.

Rizwan allegedly killed himself after meeting a girl, who is also a hockey player and stays with her family in Sarojini Nagar, said police.

On the other hand, the woman's family has yet not responded on the incident.

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