Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Dragon's Crown Pro is Heading to PS4 in Spring 2018 from Atlus

Dragon's Crown Pro is Heading to PS4 in Spring 2018 from Atlus

Dragon's Crown Pro will release in Spring 2018 in the west.

This isn't the first time news of Dragon's Crown Pro has surfaced (Atlus has been posting videos about the game on the Japanese side of their Youtube channel for a couple of months), however this is the first time Atlus has talked about a western release. With updated visuals and presentation for the current-gen, hunting for treasure in the Kingdom of Hydeland has never been more rewarding.

Updated visuals and presentation, including 4K support. Plus the Pro version's online cross-play and cross-save compatibility means that if you already own Dragon's Crown on the PS3 and PSVita, then you can use your existing save files and play online with other PS3 and PS Vita users. There's also a newly recorded soundtrack featuring a full orchestra, and the same four player co-op options (i.e., local, online, and combo) will still be supported. Dragon's Crown Pro will come to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro with a number of visual enhancements/improvements, including the ability to display at 4k resolution assuming you have a PS4 Pro and a 4k compatible TV. As they explore deeper into the dungeons, non-player characters such as Samuel the Adventurer's Guild leader and Lucain, the wizard come in to play with quests and tasks to complete. It'll also be playable this weekend at PlayStation Experience 2017.

The price of entry for the game will be around $49.99 United States dollars (or your regional equivalent).

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