Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Fargo group protests, raises awareness on net neutrality

Fargo group protests, raises awareness on net neutrality

This dramatic change to government policy is predicted to have dire consequences for freedom of information and equal access to the internet both in the United States and overseas.

Supporters of the repeal say Net Neutrality hurts investment in internet service providers. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Arizona Senator John McCain, Tennessee Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander were also called out for accepting money from the anti-net neutrality lobbyists.

On Dec. 14, internet in the United States could change forever-and not necessarily for the better. "Net Neutrality is essential to our democracy", the open letter said. Fifty-five percent of Democrats support the regulations, as do 53 percent of Republicans. This data has not come only from third-party sources, 22 million public comments have been lodged with the FCC since the announcement of this bill.

Net neutrality already distinguishes between broadband service (what you and I have in our homes) and nonbroadband service, to allow for medical services to operate at necessarily faster speeds. "Any business practice that would affect the offering of a service has to be disclosed to the consumers, and entrepreneurs can understand exactly how these businesses are operated". If you have to rely on e-commerce, which numerous studies show businesses increasingly are, it's hard to sell your product when your website speed is throttled down. However, all the internet service providers in America aren't available in every single community.

Despite heavy consumer backlash, it appears the FCC may vote to end net neutrality.

Pai wanted to slow down the FCC back when he was in the minority and he opposed the direction in which the commission was headed.

Americans are fed up with having their voice in government ignored.

Against Me!, Bassnectar, Colin Hay, Atmosphere, the Glitch Mob and Run the Jewels' Trackstar the DJ were also among the signers of the open letter, which argued that killing net neutrality would allow "telecom giants" to monopolize internet access as well as be the arbiters of what is accessible. The move could very well turn the internet we know and love upside down.

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