Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Former Giants star hits back at 'ridiculous' flag football rant

Former Giants star hits back at 'ridiculous' flag football rant

Legendary Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said Thursday on Undisputed that due to the threat of fines and suspensions for the type of hits that coaches would celebrate, defenders don't know how to play anymore within the rules.

And Bengals safety George Iloka was benched for a game after a helmet-to-helmet hit in the end zone on Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown shortly after the Smith-Schuester hit.

Plus, it's the same suspension Rob Gronkowski with the New England Patriots got for deliberately targeting a player from behind. There are lots of good rules making football safer, Mike Mitchell doesn't love all of them.

Although former NFL player Jon Runyan handed out the one-game suspension to Smith-Schuster, Foster said Goodell remains the league's enforcer.

While we all can rally around Mitchell's sentiment it is not what the National Football League wants and it is not what many fans want.

Whew. OK. Video below - via Mark Kaboly of The Athletic Pittsburgh - in case you want to watch it, and you should, because it's epic. If you want to see flag football, then let's take our pads off. "You know what's going to happen with repetitive head trauma". Give us flags for me to pull off so that way I know what we are playing. We gotta get better leadership as who's running the league, because obviously everybody from fans, owners, players are all disappointed in Roger Goodell.We can't have a guy where you just hand out discipline on how you see fit. He said that a $50,000 fine from two years ago resulted from Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton throwing a "bad ball" to tight end Tyler Eifert. "But from the players' standpoint, I just don't understand what they're doing, what they're talking about, because the evidence is there", he added. Because we're not playing football. He also took a shot at ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck. It makes no sense. "I donate more money to Cincinnati underprivileged kids than, probably, the people on the Bengals". We've got to do better as players when we sign the next CBA.

The Steelers' current NFLPA rep, left guard Ramon Foster, said that if players want to see changes in Goodell's power over player discipline, they're going to have to be willing to sacrifice for it with a players strike. He's a Standup guy just a hard nosed no bs player.

"Just hand us all some flags. There needs to be a set of guidelines". "It's absolutely absurd. But like I said, it's Steelers vs the world".

"There's so much beauty and so much aggression and physical nature of the game without hitting people in their head", Umenyiora said. "I get the league having player safety that's fine but don't tell me those are the same offense".

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