Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
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Google Removes Chrome Apps From Web Store, Shifting To Progressive Web Apps

Google Removes Chrome Apps From Web Store, Shifting To Progressive Web Apps

Google had announced back in August 2016 that it would end Chrome apps across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms citing the reason that less than 1 percent of users were using them.

What's more, Google confirmed that its PWA's wouldn't be able to offer the full range of capabilities that Chrome Apps can, but said it was "investigating" ways to make the transition easier for developers whose apps are reliant on the pre-existing Chrome APIs. It will wait until Desktop PWAs become available to install in 2018.

Google has shut down the "Apps" section of the Chrome Web Store as it pushes for Progressive Web Apps.

Starting today you will not be able to find apps section on your chrome browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.

As explained in the report, there were two broad types of Chrome apps available to users.

Google followed through: Chrome browser users will no longer be able to access or install any apps from the Chrome Web Store.

Well it is informed that Google will not immediately remove Chrome Apps support on Windows, Mac, and Linux in first quarter of 2018. There's still no word on removing Chrome Apps from Chrome OS, though. However, the Chrome OS users will still have access to the apps installed by the Store for the foreseeable future. With the shutdown of Chrome Apps, Google is working to bring Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to the desktop. PWAs already work on Samsung's own web browser on its Android smartphones and Android versions of Firefox and Opera.

According to Ars Technica, Google is directing developers towards a different way for desktop: Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWAs got a big boost to move beyond Android when Microsoft announced it was bringing PWAs to Windows 10, and even Apple has slowly started work on adding PWA support to Safari.

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