Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

PUBG On Xbox One Will Receive These Exclusive Cosmetic Packs

PUBG On Xbox One Will Receive These Exclusive Cosmetic Packs

The screenshot below shows the Aquarail off the coast of the desert landscape of Miramar, offering up yet another look at the PUBG desert map we're so tantalizingly close to checking out for ourselves in PUBG 1.0's third wave of testing. Named "Miramar", the highly-anticipated map is very different from "PUBG's" current map, Erangel.

For much of the year, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has dominated the conversation on PC and broken all kinds of records, while Xbox One owners only have a few more days left before they too can join the Battle Royale with the game on the Game Preview Program.

As of right now, we don't know any other details regarding the weapon but I'm sure we can expect some extra tidbits of news from the Studio in the next couple of days. Numerous construction sites can also provide players with high vantage points.

El Pozo - El Pozo is a city known for its large industrial and entertainment districts. There's also the smaller town of Pecado, and a bunch of tiny locations with simple names like Cemetery and Junkyard. Players can test themselves against all comers in the Luchador Arena, put their motorcycle skills to the test In the death bowl, or hunt in the ruins of the long dead textile factories.

Monte Nuevo - Monte Nuevo is the picture of a town besieged.

"Valle del Mar", for instance, borders the ocean, and a controllable bridge is the only thing connecting it to the rest of the map. The key to holding this town is bridge control, as it's the only direct route between mainland and the island.

"These packs are exclusive to Xbox fans as standalone offers available for a limited time and as there are no plans to feature any in-game purchases in the Xbox Game Preview version, are the only items that can be purchased during the preview period".

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