Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Spotify releases '2017 Wrapped' which breaks down your year in music

Spotify releases '2017 Wrapped' which breaks down your year in music

You may have seen people sharing their Spotify stats on social media over the last day or two, as the streaming service has unveiled its "wrapped" aggregator to sum up your listening habits for the last 12 months.

Now, with it's latest end-of-year feature, you can find out just what Spotify learned about you in 2017.

Earlier today, Spotify, which now claims over 140 million active users, also released its Year in Music lists.

Once connected to 2017 Wrapped with your Spotify account, you'll see how many minutes of music you have listened to as well as how many songs, artists, and genres. It doesn't stop there - it also makes a personalized playlist of 30 songs one might not have stumbled upon during the year. Then the system asks, "Do you really know who your top artist of the year was?"

2017 Wrapped also compiles the most-streamed songs across the United Kingdom into a single playlist, which might be useful to finally find the name of that song you've been hearing everywhere. Other winners this year include Rihanna, the most streamed female artist of 2017, Drake, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello and Coldplay.

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