Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

USA wants NASA leader Raila Odinga to abandon his swearing-in plan

USA wants NASA leader Raila Odinga to abandon his swearing-in plan

"Suggesting to hold an unconstitutional and illegal "swearing in" of the NASA presidential and deputy presidential candidates is in contravention of Article 3 of the constitution", Muigai said. "Parliament has not delegated any such power and the effect for that is that those institutions are unconstitutional, illegal and are null and void", said the Attorney General.

Prof Muigai said the government would not stop at anything to prevent the breach of the rule of law and the constitution. Treason charges attract the death sentence in Kenya.

Despite a warning from the Government, the former Premier's defiant allies are charging ahead with plans to swear him as the People's President in the National People's Assembly.

Mr Odinga said the government owes an apology to all families whose loved ones were felled by police bullets.

The Nasa leader urged his supporters to remain steadfast in their quest for electoral justice, adding that they do not recognise the November 28 swearing-in of President Uhuru Kenyatta for the second term. "Up to today, no single ambassador has condemned the killing of people by police", he said.

"Since 8th of August, 215 people have been killed by the police force yet no one has spoken about it yet they have the audacity to tell us forget and move on", Raila said.

Kenyatta won with 98 percent the votes and was inaugurated last week.

Many Kenyans are challenging Kenyatta's sweeping victory in the October rerun elections, which saw a low turn-out, and once again claiming fraud.

Without directly mentioning the ceremony or the United States, Odinga said on Thursday that Kenyans should be left to solve their own problems.

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