Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Celebrities will now answer your Google questions about them directly

Celebrities will now answer your Google questions about them directly

Whether you want to know how tall the Empire State Building is or a celebrity's favorite food, Google is there for you, and now they're taking the search engine to the next level. It's slightly odd - like they've been eavesdropping on your search history, and just couldn't wait to tell you how you can get hair like them (Priyanka Chopra), that they can sing (Tracee Ellis Ross) or that they can't play the drums (Will Ferrell). This new search feature will have celebrities answering commonly searched questions about themselves in the form of selfie videos. These celebrities will be a mix of rising stars and well-established personalities. Explaining the feature Google notes, "You can find answers to questions about notable people on mobile Search, and they're coming directly from the source". Every so often they release a product or feature just to show how whimsical and with it they are; these personal data vacuums understand pop culture and they want to signal to the masses that, heck, they can have fun, too. In the past, Google has allowed brands and other personalities to post directly to Google but only with text entries. At the bottom, there is a carousel of cards that restates the question and can be swiped to see more answers from the same person.

Other celebrities who have recorded videos for the launch include Nick Jonas, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, and Gina Rodriguez.

In the past, Google has offered up videos as the top result. This in-line video player - which is now limited to the mobile apps and site - is a possibly major sea change in terms of searching and finding results on Google.

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