Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Man wanted for burglary of properties rented by singer R. Kelly

While on tour in New Orleans during Thanksgiving weekend, two of the singer's homes were broken into and almost emptied out, WXIA reports.

Chris Byers told WSB-TV that Kelly's maid called police after she found one of the homes had been virtually emptied of valuables, including a diamond-encrusted hoodie. However, their sources say detectives ended up catching three men leaving one of Kellz houses in a van and were later brought in for questioning. She walked into Kelly's house and found it empty. They told police they were hired by Walker to sell everything because Kelly was relocating to Chicago.

Johns Creek Police are searching for a man accused of stealing items from several homes rented by singer R. Kelly.

Neighbors said they saw trucks coming in the middle of the night to load up on the musician' belongings.

There's no current estimate of how much was taken from the homes because police are still waiting on that information from Kelly, but the individuals who bought items are listed as victims in the police report since they purchased them without knowing they were stolen.

The suspect, Alonso Walker, who Petchenik described as an "associate" of Kelly's, is now on the run from the law after missing a December 5 appointment to turn himself in on theft charges. He has been charged with burglary, theft by taking and theft by deception. Police have issued a warrant for his arrest.

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