Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

NHL commissioner Bettman says league will consider Seattle expansion bid

NHL commissioner Bettman says league will consider Seattle expansion bid

Bettman went on to say that Seattle is the only city now being considered for expansion.

Monday, Seattle City Council approved to do a $600 million renovation on Key Arena in a 7-1 vote.

The NHL board of governors has agreed to allow Seattle to begin its preliminary motions to gauge if it is a viable location - starting with an application for expansion and then a season-ticket drive, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters in Florida.

There has been no talk of when the Seattle franchise would come to be, only that it would have to pay a fee of $650 million to enter the league.

The cost of the team would be $650 million, and Commissioner Bettman said the National Hockey League is looking at only Seattle for possible expansion.

Thursday's board of governors meeting also saw Dallas billionaire Tom Dundon sign an agreement to buy a majority stake in the Carolina Hurricanes from Peter Karmanos Jr.

Bettman said the group is only looking at Seattle for expansion, leaving Quebec City and Houston alone.

It's true that not only did Seattle once have a hockey team, but some credit that team for changing hockey forever. The Knights have been a great boost for the league, as they've started the season better than any expansion team in NHL history, and are vying for the top spot in the Pacific Conference with the L.A Kings.

Bettman says the process with Seattle will be similar to Las Vegas, starting with a ticket drive.

There are 31 National Hockey League franchises with the Western Conference holding 15 and the Eastern Conference having 16.

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