Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Quentin Tarantino And JJ Abrams Close To Picking Screenwriter

Quentin Tarantino And JJ Abrams Close To Picking Screenwriter

Tarantino may be the one to direct, and Mark L. Smith, Lindsey Beer, and Drew Pearce are all said to be in contention to write the script.

As confirmed by a report from Deadline, Quentin Tarantino pitched an idea to Paramount Pictures and producer J.J.

Earlier this week it was reported that Quentin Tarantino and JJ Abrams were assembling a writing room to hear Tarantino's pitch for an idea for a Star Trek movie.

Movie studios typically see R ratings as a drag on ticket sales because they exclude teenagers, which is why movies in tent pole franchises like "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" are nearly universally rated PG or PG-13. On top of that, "Deadpool" proved previous year that even R-rated films can make a splash at the box office. Now, the trade has revealed a new detail that promises to take Star Trek in a bold new direction: The new film will be rated R. Writers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay were originally pegged to draft a Star Trek 4 that involved Chris Hemsworth's return as Kirk's father George, but that appears to be in limbo. And it's not as if it's without precedent these days: Star Trek: Discovery has been pushing the boundaries on TV already thanks to the more relaxed regulations with home carrier CBS All Access. If he's selected, he will overtake Justin Lin who directed 2016's Star Trek Beyond. Sources also have compared the film to Tarantino's Pulp Fiction while noting it will have a budget in the range of Django Unchained, which had a $100-million budget but grossed over $425 million at the global box office. Tarantino usually takes quite a bit of time between projects, but thus far everything about this Star Trek movie has been atypical for the Oscar-winning writer/director. We'll let you know as more information is available, but for now, steel yourself against the tide of angry Trekkies taking to their message boards to say that their beloved series should never, ever be R-Rated.

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