Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
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Was Divya right about Priyank 'cheating on women' in reality TV shows?

Was Divya right about Priyank 'cheating on women' in reality TV shows?

It all started with an unseen video titled, "Problem hi Problem at Bigg Boss house" published on Voot on November 2 under BB Extra Dose category, in which Hina reveals that Priyank has a special someone in the USA (from the 40th min). He tells her that she should try a new haircut just before engaging in a heart to heart conversation.

Bigg Boss soon introduces a luxury budget task, "Statue". Vikas and Shilpa have a heart to heart chat wherein former tells Shilpa that Bigg Boss has chosen a very wrong day for this task because he has been missing family members and he was feeling a bit emotional. She is now studying in America, and Priyank seems to be still close with her. Vikas tells her to calm down and hugs her tightly. Upset over their failed relationship, Divya gives Priyank an earful, and advices him to play the game alone and not get influenced by his peers in the house. And Hina tells him to perform for her in front of the cameras and request Bigg Boss to air it.

When her father left, Arshi accused Shilpa of looking at her father as if he were her enemy. When Shilpa's mom entered the house, Arshi did not greet Shilpa's mother. Due to his growing proximity with ex-Bigg Boss contestant Benafsha in the house, Priyank's girlfriend Divya announced her break-up with him in the media. The kind lady warmly met everyone and told them that they have been playing well.

She then quizzes Luv if he has anyone special out there but he refuses to reply. Shilpa's mother's entry made nearly every contestant teary eyed. In the short video, Rocky, expressing his feeling for the actress, said that he wanted to spend rest of his life with her. She advised them to be kind to each other. He also asked her to start addressing Salman Khan as Salman Sahab or Salman Sir. In an obvious reference to Hina-Luv, Divya said Priyank didn't really need anyone to go ahead in the show. (Turning her face towards Hiten) Kehta hai mat kar mat kar, wahaan United States of America mein logon ko acha nahi lagta.

Priyank had girls swooning over his charming personality and chocolate-boy looks while he was doing the reality shows. She runs towards the main door and walks out as Priyank starts yelling her name while running after her and breaks down in the garden area. Divya said to Priyank that she is shocked by his behaviour on the show.

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