Published: Sat, December 09, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Bethesda Announces #SavePlayer1 Campaign to Protect Single Player Games

Bethesda Announces #SavePlayer1 Campaign to Protect Single Player Games

This is not a totally serious cause, mind you, but in a tongue-in-cheek attempt by Bethesda to pitch its single-player games this holiday season. But in recent years, with multiplayer on the rise, single-player games have become fewer in number.

Bethesda, known for their sprawling single player titles, released a pretty unusual video featuring Lynda Carter discussing how Bethesda aims to save single-player gamers.

With an ad shot in the style of a heart-wrenching PSA, the company positions itself as a champion of gamers who still cherish single player experiences and the incumbent narrative and characterisation perks they bring. Meanwhile, the community has been clamoring for more single-player games, and the media has penned a panoply of pieces bemoaning the loss of single-player experiences. Specifically, single-player gaming, and the need for more of it. But never fear! Bethesda is here to help. On top of that, the company is now running a sale this weekend on all its current releases with up to 50% off in savings.

This comes hot on the heels of Blizzard also dissng EA when Starcraft 2 went free to play earlier in November.

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In related news, Bethesda have also donated $100,000 to the ESA Foundation Scholarship, a programme built to provide support to young women and minority students trying to break into the industry as creators.

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