Published: Tue, December 12, 2017
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ICAN receives Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo

ICAN receives Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo

In the Norwegian capital of Oslo, a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima compared her struggle to survive in 1945 to the objectives of the group awarded this year's Nobel's Peace Prize.

"To make peace is holy work".

While Fihn has argued that Trump's election makes banning the weapons more urgent, she says it shouldn't confuse people into thinking a "sane" leader can be trusted not to destroy the world. But there was no Canadian delegation present to hear it.

Canada's government did refrain. When the Ban Treaty opened for signature at the United Nations in September of this year, Canada was not among the 53 nations that signed.

We were working on a shoestring budget, but now have more opportunities to raise funds and focus those into our campaigners in the countries and regions that we need to prioritise in terms of signing up to the agreement, which include those with nuclear arms or which are part of nuclear alliances. Trudeau went as far as to deem the treaty "sort of useless" in Parliament, even before negotiations concluded and the contours of the treaty finalized.

Muhadi and Yunizar have consistently called on the Indonesian government to ratify the treaty. There are two problems with this approach. "Nuclear weapons are still with us", he said.

But proponents say a nuclear weapons ban will create moral suasion - in the vein of the cluster weapons ban and landmine conventions - for nuclear weapons states to disarm and establish an worldwide norm prohibiting the development, possession and use of nuclear weapons. For example, Trump called Kim "short and fat" and Kim billed Trump a "dotard".

This leaves Canada in a tight spot.

The United States started fighting her coalition's work during President Barack Obama's administration.

Talking about Trump has occasionally been a challenge for Fihn, who argues that global catastrophe is inevitable as long as any nation keeps nuclear weapons.

If Prime Minister Trudeau does not find either of these options appealing, the global community now offers him an alternative: join the vast majority of countries in banning nuclear weapons.

With nuclear weapons states modernising and in some cases increasing their arsenals, instead of discarding them, more states are becoming disenchanted with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and lending their support for an outright ban.

M.V. Ramana is professor and Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security at the UBC's Liu Institute for Global Issues, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs; Lauren J. Borja is a post-doctoral fellow at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs.

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