Published: Sat, December 16, 2017
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2nd swimmer injured by sea lion in San…

2nd swimmer injured by sea lion in San…

Since the second attack, officials in San Francisco made a decision to shut down swimming at the beach until at least Monday, so they could assess the situation.

"It hit him right here, close to the family jewels", said Bob Roper, 79, pointing to the inside of his upper thigh.

The 56-year-old swimmer has not been identified.

In the last day, at least three people have been bitten by a sea lion while swimming in the waters in and around Aquatic Park near Fisherman's Wharf.

A member of the police marine unit told Fox News that the man saw the animal come up to him and he attempted to splash water on it.

The swimmer was talking the whole time, Reiter said. He and many other devout swimmers were not deterred by the attack.

The man then yelled at it and that's when the sea lion came up to him and bit him. "There was nothing I could do", Einfeldt said. "They're unable to find enough food to make them happy and you know a hungry animal is certainly not a happy animal". "He was bit in the groin area and it was a pretty deep gash".

Despite his brush with death, Einfeldt said it won't stop him from swimming.

Einfeldt then used his other hand to push the sea lion away, and it left. Their population swells during the winter.

Einfeldt, who spoke to the station between surgeries, says he remained "relatively calm".

"It could just be a sea lion being territorial, or it could be an injured or sick mammal", he said.

Officials say a person swimming in San Francisco's bay was seriously injured after being bitten by a sea lion.

This is the sea lion believed to be behind the attacks. Such attacks are rare but not unheard of. Dr. Claire Simeone is the Conservation Medicine Veterinarian for the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.

Sergei Khorochev added: "It's happened like a few times over the past few days". However, it was more like nips instead of serious bites.

A sea lion attack can be very unsafe. Einfeldt said he doesn't blame the sea lion and he's eager to get back in the water.

"As these animals are wild, their behavior can be erratic", Simeon said. Arnie Thompson, a Dolphin Club member recalled being charged by a sea lion. He said seals and sea lions have bacteria called mycoplasma in their mouths that can cause serious infections.

San Francisco Fire reported the rescue at Aquatic Park on Twitter at 9:07 a.m. Aaron Peskin, who frequents the spot for morning swims, isn't next.

"It doesn't bother me". George Howell, a longtime swimmer in the area, said he had never heard of anybody going to the hospital or getting stitches. "I've been bumped before, but it was no problem".

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