Published: Wed, December 20, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

China Urges Trump To Abandon 'Cold War' Thinking

China Urges Trump To Abandon 'Cold War' Thinking

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has urged the United States to stop purposely distorting and twisting China's strategic intentions, after the Trump administration attacked its trade and foreign policies.

China has condemned the "Cold War mentality" of the White House after the publication of a new U.S. national security policy.

China appealed to Washington to promote "strategic mutual trust" ahead of President Donald Trump's release Monday of a national security strategy that is expected to label Beijing a competitor.

The Kremlin denounced the "imperialist character" of the report, accusing Washington of clinging to a "unipolar world".

"China and Russian Federation want to shape a world antithetical to USA values and interests", said the strategy reflecting Trump's "America First" vision.

Accusing China of seeking "to displace the United States" in Asia, the 68-page strategy is a litany of USA grievances, from the Chinese stealing data to spreading "features of its authoritarian system".

"China will resolutely safeguard its sovereignty, security and right to develop", she said.

"Otherwise, it will harm others as well as itself, " Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said, before urging the "meet with China halfway".

At the same time, Hua noted that the United and China "share an important responsibility and have common interests in maintaining global peace, stability and prosperity" that form the foundation for the healthy development of bilateral relations.

He claimed that a recent Central Intelligence Agency tip-off about a terror attack on a cathedral in Putin's hometown of Saint Petersburg had prevented deaths "in the thousands".

China, which has repeatedly called Taiwan as the "most sensitive issue" in Sino-American relations, reacted negatively to these developments.

But in this unorthodox administration, the document had taken on extra significance.

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