Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

A drunk guy stole an armored carrier then promptly crashed it

A drunk guy stole an armored carrier then promptly crashed it

In perhaps the biggest ever sign of a serious drinking problem, a man in Russian Federation rammed a stolen armored personnel carrier into a grocery store to steal a bottle of wine. Apatity is a small town in northern Russian Federation near the Arctic Circle. Regional news agency FlashNord reported that the man was having trouble operating the vehicle and had crashed into a Daewoo auto before ramming into the shop front.

The man stole the tank-like vehicle on caterpillar tracks from a military driving school in the far northern Murmansk region, RIA Novosti news agency cited a traffic police spokeswoman as saying.

The armoured vehicle - known in the West as an M-1970 - is a Soviet era APC created to be fully amphibious. Photos from the scene showed that he crushed at least one vehicle - a Daewoo.

Here, he chose to jump out of the vehicle and into the shop to steal a bottle of wine, the local online reports. Witnesses believed the man was intoxicated at the time, which seems apparent.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours when it is prohibited to sell alcohol, local news outlet HibInform reported.

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