Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

CES 2018: Samsung Unveils The Future Of Connectivity And Autonomous Driving

CES 2018: Samsung Unveils The Future Of Connectivity And Autonomous Driving

Harman CEO Dinesh Paliwal (left) and Young Sohn, president and chief strategy officer of Samsung Electronics, pose for a photograph at a press briefing at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on January 11. It's called the MoodRoof, and it's actually part of the bigger Moodscape entertainment setup.

Each new solution was made possible through the HARMAN-Samsung alliance that leverages Samsung's global scale, R&D capabilities, dominance in mobile/TV/semiconductors and distribution channels and HARMAN's leading connected auto heritage, relationships, market knowledge and growing community of innovation partners. But under the new leadership it wants to expand to the entire infotainment and display system. Three dial controls also feature embedded OLEDs and below them sits a curved OLED screen for the typical controls you would normally see there.

Samsung Electronics at the CES 2018 introduced to the world it's all new Samsung DRVLINE™ platform. What does DRVLINE offer? At the heart of the announcement is a trio of connected technologies for automotive, consumer, and enterprise markets.

Samsung and Harman also revealed plans for the industry first introduction of 5G in-car internet connectivity.

"In a vehicle, the human brain is constantly performing incredibly complex calculations while driving", said John Absmeier, SVP of Autonomous/ADAS Strategic Business Unit at HARMAN and VP of Smart Machines for Samsung Electronics. There's also a new "digital cockpit" that lets drivers personalize how dashboards and panels look and what information they display based on data pulled from their mobile devices and the cloud - even if they don't own them. "The DRVLINE platform with its open and high-level compute capability is a first major first step toward building an ecosystem to support full autonomy". In addition, HARMAN announced that a leading European automaker will be the first to use and implement the new 5G Automotive Telematics solution provided by HARMAN and Samsung. It also has a premium, multi-display layout with Android OS powering four displays. The $8 billion deal to buy Harman in March a year ago was the biggest overseas acquisition ever made by a South Korean company, and it's now starting to look like a very wise move.

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