Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Gal Gadot and Revlon Want You to Live Your Life Boldly

Gal Gadot and Revlon Want You to Live Your Life Boldly

GAL Gadot has claimed she's too busy to let herself become a "diva", as she doesn't have time to let fame get to her head.

Gadot has been in the headlines for all good reasons since the past year and we'll be seeing her in three more upcoming movies for the DC universe. "Anything that makes you feel more confident more attractive and better about yourself has to do with [feminism]", she told WWD. The "Wonder Woman" actress has claimed that those who don't class themselves as feminist should be labelled as "sexist", as the movement is simply created to promote "freedom of choice" for all genders.

It's the first major beauty contract for the actress, and she told Vogue the choice stemmed from her family using the product over the years.

The campaign is all set to launch later this Jan; it will be about empowering and inspiring women along with celebrating diversity in beauty.

While now Gadot says she wears makeup almost every day -"unless I'm on vacation" - it wasn't a habit she picked up particularly young.

Gadot walked the talk when she reportedly refused to return for the Wonder Woman sequel unless one of the filmmakers, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women, was fired. The brunette beauty, 32, also believes that anything which makes women feel "confident" should be classed as feminism. Live Boldly, which will roll out in multiple parts with additional ambassadors throughout January, is an intentional departure from that message.

To keep up to date with the Live Boldly campaign check out Revlon's Instagram page.

"We are definitely shifting the way we communicate as part of our Live Boldly campaign and having a broader representation of women because we are a brand that represents women all around the world", Talley said.

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