Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

Joe Arpaio: I am running to protect Arizona and support Trump's agenda

Joe Arpaio: I am running to protect Arizona and support Trump's agenda

After Arpaio was given a pardon a year ago by Donald Trump for being in criminal contempt of court, he announced his campaign for the United State Senate but was forced to acknowledge his controversial past [VIDEO]during a recent interview.

Arpaio says he and Trump have been persecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Arpaio responded to Flake's criticism, calling him out on his decision not to run again.

It happened because the sheriff's Cold Case Posse, when he was in office, responded to requests from constituents to investigate, and the only formal law-enforcement review of Obama's document concluded the document released by Obama's White House as his official birth certificate nearly without doubt was a forgery. "But I can't get anybody-anybody-to even look at it".

If you're the Democratic Party, the sun is surely shining upon you today. Said Arpaio: "I'm doing it for the people of Arizona, for our country and to support our great president". "His loss for the sheriff's race is a bellwether for his Senate race in a general election". Flake abandoned his 2018 re-election campaign after coming under criticism from President Trump.

"He lost the state's most populous red county to (Democrat) Paul Penzone in the last cycle, which means he lost the confidence of the Republican swing voters", Coughlin said. "A tweet, as we now know ... is not real".

He'll enter a Republican primary for the seat being vacated by Republican Sen.

GOP Rep. Martha McSally is expected to join the race for the GOP nod as well.

Not everybody agrees that Arpaio couldn't win.

"I think he would just suck up most of her support. So I don't expect that it will go very far". I'm saying that anyone who discounts him as something less than a serious candidate is making a mistake.

During that time, the conspiracy that Obama had faked his birth certificate gained traction, with Donald Trump being the highest profile name to give it legs. "You put all that together and it's a formidable thing". It will likely mean that immigration - and conservative hard-line views on the subject - will dominate a Republican primary in a state that is now nearly a third Latino and in a country where Hispanics are gaining increasing clout politically nationally. "I sure don't have to run for office to be known". She demanded that Arpaio cease being so aggressive, and Arpaio ignored her. He will face another pro-Trump candidate, former state Sen.

Until now, the Republican front-runner in the race has largely been considered to be Kelli Ward, a former state senator.

Which leaves us with Ward vs. Arpaio. A guy re-elected numerous times as the sheriff of Maricopa County. John McCain, has been endorsed by former Trump strategist Steve Bannon in her campaign to replace Flake.

Or more specifically, in Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury.

Treating criminals as criminals was just too much for bleeding-heart liberals, and Arpaio was targeted by the Obama administration for sanctions. Who'd have thought it.

Despite control of all branches of the government and major leads, it's becoming increasingly clear that the GOP is going to squander all of their political capital in the 2018 midterms, likely putting one - if not both - chambers of Congress back in Democratic control.

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