Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

LG Display unveils 65-inch UHD rollable LED panel

LG Display unveils 65-inch UHD rollable LED panel

Clever AI technology inside the TV upgrades whatever is being displayed to close-to-8K quality. Users, LG said, will let viewers use their voice to pull up info about actors on screen, weather forecasts, stream music and set timers for when the TV is to be turned off, and implement other TV-controlling functions. Will the new smart technology and advances in picture processing see one pull away from the other in 2018?

LG Display says this design would allow the TV to be easily moved, but you wouldn't really need to because it rolls up pretty much out of your way.

The unveiling of the 65-in rollable television comes after LG revealed its large new display, an 88-inch 8K television.

2018 OLED and selected SUPER UHD TVs from LG feature 4K Cinema HDR, which introduces a cinematic experience to the home, regardless of the format. It's the successor to 2016's rollable 18-inch display panel, only now it's been scaled up to 65 inches and a full 4K resolution.

Over the new few days in Sin City, LG is going to show off an OLED prototype display that can be rolled up like a newspaper.

A key characteristic for ThinQ is for the platform to evolve over time as the products become smarter as they learn the behaviors and usage patterns of the consumer.

The big daddy is the FZ950, which was shown off at the press conference and offers some key traits including Panasonic's new HCX Video processor, which the company claims helps the panel display Hollywood-level accuracy - in fact, the company claims the TVs are "Hollywood-tuned".

LG Electronics led overall OLED TV shipment volume in November, with a 31% month-on-month increase in shipments.

"The growing number of available OLED TV choices, especially high-profile Japanese and European brands, has resulted in more competition and pricing promotion activity in the OLED TV market". The series, which will come in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, feature new OLED panels. 4K TVs and monitors, as consumers happen to be upgrading from traditional 1080p sets to the more vibrantly-coloured displays at a faster clip than ever. These TVs will also be compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so the capabilities of what can be done with either of these new TV lineups is fairly extensive.

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