Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Samsung MicroLED makes massive, 146-inch modular TV a reality

Samsung MicroLED makes massive, 146-inch modular TV a reality

"At Samsung, security is our top priority in developing Smart TV technology".

"The Wall eliminates the need for color filters or backlight, yet allows the screen to offer consumers the ultimate viewing experience", Samsung said in a statement after the TV's unveiling on January 7.

The Wall measures 146-inches diagonally across, or more than three and a half metres.

Other options for giant TV displays have been shown off at CES this year. It's sheer gargantuan size is guaranteed to draw media and CES attendee attention while its host of cutting-edge new technologies give a glimpse of what Samsung is working on for their newest consumer models.

But even though some of these TVs may not be available for purchase, they can point to what might come in the future, according to Patrick Moorhead, president of tech analysis firm Moor Insights & Strategy. This means that the TV display can be made smaller if required. It's billed as the first consumer modular MicroLED television or, for the layman, "The Screen of the Future". If true, it's a huge step forward for QLED and LCD, as these TVs require a backlight to function.

Samsung MicroLED makes massive, 146-inch modular TV a reality

As we mentioned previously, the Wall by Samsung measures 146-inches and comes with a self-emitting panel which uses MicroLED technology to produce pictures. Furthermore, just as is the case with OLED, the pixels (any one of several million of them inside a micro LED 4K TV bar) can turn off or on completely on an individual basis for ideal scene dimming and bright highlights.

"It can transform into any size, and delivers incredible brightness, color gamut, color volume and black levels".

As absurdly big as its 146 inch display surface is, Samsung has said that the screen is modular, meaning that it can be both shrunk down or enlarged as needed to cover a whole wall. This new TV is more of a technological showcase than a marketable commodity at least for the time being.

Samsung is planning another press event in March, where more details about The Wall will be given.

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