Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally Announces Senate Race

Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally Announces Senate Race

Martha McSally (R) will announce Friday that she's running for the Senate seat vacated by retiring Sen.

Ms. McSally is the third candidate to jump into the Republican primary to replace Sen. She joins former controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward.

McSally, who served 26 years in the USA military, also used her experience to hit out at the Democrats in the Senate in the video, saying, "after taking on terrorists in combat, the liberals in the Senate won't scare me one bit".

There's a similar twist the ad applies to McSally's status as the first woman to fly Air Force combat missions. As she launched her bid, the 2nd District Arizona lawmaker called for the national Republican Party to, "grow a pair of ovaries", among what will be one of the most watched Senate races in the country.

McSally, R-Ariz., was the first US female combat pilot, and her campaign video tells how she battled the Pentagon to overturn a policy that required USA servicewomen in Saudi Arabia to wear Muslim abayas and headscarves.

"Martha's got a very good story to tell: A-10 fighter pilot, a female pilot in combat, trying to get immigration reform done", Coughlin said.

The video features a snippet of President Trump praising McSally in a Rose Garden ceremony, and McSally mentioning that, like the president, she's exhausted of politically correct politicians and their "B.S." excuses.

But in a sign of how thoroughly Trump now dominates her party, McSally has been snuggling up to the 45th president in preparation for her Senate run. And she's finding her inner Trump.

On Twitter on Friday, McSally thanked Trump for attacking Democrats who are contemplating a government shutdown to protect young immigrants known as "Dreamers".

McSally is the early establishment favorite in the contest, even if she has recently adopted the same anti-establishment message that fueled Trump's political rise in 2016.

"I absolutely refused to bow down to sharia law", she says.

"Let me just say, I speak a little salty behind closed doors at times as well and so I am not going to throw the first stone on using any language". Sharia law is the religious law of Islam but has become a political punching bag for many conservatives. The primary also includes former state Sen.

The Aug. 28 Republican primary has the potential to be a proxy war between the national GOP factions represented by Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and former White House strategist Steve Bannon.

The event ended with McSally piloting a fully restored silver AT-6 plane, which McSally said she promised the owners that it would be returned "with a few more miles on it, no scratches and an unused parachute".

"Martha McSally is Jeff Flake 2.0 and part of the Washington establishment that has failed Arizona for years", said Ward campaign chair Ed Rollins.

"Whoever escapes the GOP primary in August, they will be held accountable for touting their radical stripes at every opportunity and willingness to take stances on issues that are simply out of touch with Arizonan voters", state Democratic Party spokesman Drew Anderson said.

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