Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

Crash of water and a terrifying ride: Driver glad he's alive

Crash of water and a terrifying ride: Driver glad he's alive

Prior to his wild ride, Franklin, a native of Dallas, had taken to his Instagram account earlier that morning to post a video of the rushing water.

"What you can't see in that video is the panic inside", Franklin said.

The video is truly horrifying to watch, and it's no wonder the driver thought he was going to die - but he made it out, safe and sound.

Hours later, however, Franklin was told the neighborhood might be in danger and was being evacuated.

Franklin and his girlfriend then got in his auto and attempted to drive down the street.

"Realistically we suspect we are going to have the discovery of more people killed in this incident", Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said at a Thursday news briefing, adding that he was hoping to find "miracle" survivors. He praised the vehicle for how it handled the mud and helped him and his girlfriend survive without serious injury. "She's screaming at the top of her lungs - 'Hey, go faster, go go go, ' she's pulling my shirt", he recalled. After turning the corner, Franklin said the sedan hydroplaned the rest of the way down the hill.

Then, a wave of water crashed into the back of the auto. "Then the hydroplaning started".

At least one other resident of Country Club Road had her auto carried away too but luckily she wasn't inside it. Wendy Peters' vehicle was parked near her home when it was picked up and carried off.

"One of the cars looked like a wadded up piece of foil paper", he said. A surge of mud comes downhill, carrying with it a dark-colored Toyota Prius that goes careening down the hill but manages to stay on the curved roadway.

Brown said 43 people remain missing, although some may just be out of communication.

Remarkably, nobody was hurt in the flooding. "It got us through hell and high water, literally".

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