Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

Donald Trump is not welcome here: London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Donald Trump is not welcome here: London Mayor Sadiq Khan

The embassy says the new building was funded entirely by the proceeds of the sale of other USA government properties in London, not through appropriated funds.

While the date of a Trump visit had never been confirmed, speculation suggested the president would formally open the embassy at a ceremony in February.

Just south of the River Thames, the cube-shaped embassy building is in sight of Westminster and part of a £15 billion, 561-acre regeneration project set to transform one of the South Bank's last remaining industrial stretches.

"The one of our oldest and most valued allies and our strong and deep partnership will endure", the spokesman said.

However, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan - who has clashed with the president in the past - said the USA president had "got the message" that many Londoners were staunchly opposed to his policies and actions.

President Trump's decision to cancel his visit to London was for "personal reasons" after a series of perceived slights, British officials said last night. "Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!"

"The project has been executed within the established budget", an embassy spokesman said, adding it had "considered more than 50 sites" in London ahead of the move, which cost up to $1billion and "used no tax dollars".

"It seems he's finally got that message", Khan tweeted.

A Trump visit has been on the cards since British Prime Minister Theresa May visited the United States a few days after Trump's inauguration a year ago. "But maybe Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party planning mass protests, maybe those optics he didn't like the look of".

"His visit ... would without doubt have been met by mass peaceful protests", Khan said.

In the meantime, the relationship between May and Trump has come under strain.

But the Foreign Secretary took to Twitter to condemn Mr Khan and his party leader, saying: "The US is the biggest single investor in the United Kingdom yet Khan & Corbyn seem determined to put this crucial relationship at risk". "We will not allow US-UK relations to be endangered by some puffed up pompous popinjay in City Hall". "He is not welcome in London and he certainly isn't welcome in Queenstown", he said. He was scheduled to visit the British capital next month to open the new facility.

The new building will open for business on January 16.

A US Embassy spokesperson rejected Trump's criticism of the new building yesterday, calling it "one of the most secure, hi-tech, and environmentally-friendly embassies the United States has ever built", adding that the Nine Elms site "was the best overall location.".

Bemused construction workers and passers-by took selfies with the Trump waxwork, which was first unveiled at Madame Tussauds in January past year.

"He has been to countries all over the world and yet he has not been to the one with whom he is closest", former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, a Trump ally, told the BBC.

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