Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Science | By Hubert Green

False Ballistic Missile Alarm Frightens Hawaii

False Ballistic Missile Alarm Frightens Hawaii

By now we all know that the emergency alert sent to phones this morning was a FALSE ALARM.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tweeted a screenshot of the warning and a message saying it was false.

NO missile threat to Hawaii. "I repeat, there is NO THREAT at this time".

Officials quickly confirmed afterward that the alert was a false alarm and had been sent out by mistake. Friends and family began to message one another asking if the alert was real.

But the alert was followed by statements from Hawaii officials that there were no incoming ballistic missiles.

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency also confirmed there is "NO missile threat to Hawaii". Schatz tweeted. He added that "What happened today is totally inexcusable". "The whole state was terrified".

Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii said the false alarm was "human error". "There needs to be tough and quick accountability and a fixed process". Hawaiian TV programs on major channels were interrupted by the warning.

In October, the University of Hawaii sent its students and faculty an email about what actions to undertake in case of a nuclear incident, instructing students when and where to shelter in place of an attack.

Ms Gabbard then tweeted to Hawaii, in all-caps: "There is no incoming missile to Hawaii".

The message was sent amid heightened nuclear tensions between the United States and North Korea.

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