Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

GOP senator says lawmakers reach immigration compromise

GOP senator says lawmakers reach immigration compromise

A bipartisan group of senators has struck an initial deal that would shield "DREAMers" from deportation in exchange for more money for border security and changes to some immigration programs - but senior White House officials and congressional GOP hardliners made it clear it's a nonstarter nearly as soon as it materialized.

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators on Thursday reached a tentative agreement on legislation to protect young "Dreamer" immigrants from deportation, along with other immigration policy changes, and is attempting to build support for the deal in Congress. Trump told senators in the Oval Office in reference to African countries, according to a source briefed on the meeting, the comments from which were first reported by The Washington Post. "It's different. So that's easier for the other side to accept", Flake said.

U.S. President Donald Trump gestures during a meeting on immigration with a bipartisan group of House and Senate members at the White House Jan. 9. "It doesn't seem right to not know if we are going to fulfill our dream or not", said Darian.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said, "We still believe we can get there". "We're going to keep having these conversations. And again, we feel very strongly that we can get a deal made".

The group, which also consists of Sens.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin has been leading that group, along with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

"President Trump called on Congress to solve the DACA challenge".

To add pressure on Republicans, Schumer also said he wanted an immigration deal to be attached to must-pass budget legislation Congress will soon consider. The White House did not deny his remark but issued a statement saying Trump supports immigration policies that welcome "those who can contribute to our society". He bashed both the changes Democrats offered on current visa programs as well as the deal to do a full DREAM Act. That's because roughly 22,000 eligible DACA recipients were unable to successfully renew their DACA, some due to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey which affected hard-hit Texas and Florida. "That's not the way negotiations go".

- President Donald Trump, using vulgar terms, rejected a pitch Thursday from a bipartisan team of senators on a compromise immigration deal to protect DACA participants while increasing border security.

In addition, they proposed a down payment of the $1.6 billion requested by the administration this year on border security, limits to the ability of recipients to sponsor family members and an end to the diversity lottery and reallocation of those visas in part to cover people who were under Temporary Protected Status.

When the publication inquired about the missing words, a White House official reportedly said that "any omission from the transcript was unintentional and that the context of the conversation was clear".

The fight is tied to a battle for continued government funding, as many Democrats have said they won't support any plan that doesn't include a DACA fix.

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